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However, there is no one queen. A queen has many faces, many silhouettes. A kind queen. A resilient queen. A graceful queen. A courageous queen. A queen who inspires. A queen who builds not just herself but the people around her.

A queen is not defined by her credentials, but by her contributions. Unki taakat dusron ki madad karne se aati hai, college ki degree se nahi. Although she never seeks out the spotlight, Goldiee Queen is here to help her shine even brighter.

Who then, is a Goldiee Queen?

She's someone with a drive to uplift others, like a homemaker who runs a tiffin service for the elderly. She has that 'kar ke dikhaungi' spirit, like a young student who has mastered the game of chess. She's anything but an abla naari, like a female self-defense coach in a small town. Above all, a Goldiee Queen is any woman who makes a difference; your friend, wife, mother, grandmother or daughter.

Are you the head that fits the crown, or know someone who is?

Kya aap mein hai, woh queen waali baat?

Here's your chance to make your voice heard on a bigger, brighter, better and bolder stage. Goldiee Group presents Goldiee Queen 2.0 – a platform empowering 'ordinary' women to show off their extraordinary side.