How did they do it?

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Arati Kapoor

Jalandar (North Zone)

Aarti saw her husband's business struggles in the pandemic, so she took matters in her own hands and today, runs a clothing boutique.

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Sarita Jyotindra Makwana

Mumbai (West Zone)

Sarita evolved her career from librarian to AV teacher, while balancing being a single mother to her 2 daughters.

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Savita Sharma

Gaziabad (Central Zone)

Savita had to fight against her father for her right to be educated, survived a broken marriage, and went on to complete her degree and kickstart her career.

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Jayanti Mitra

Kolkata (East Zone)

Jayanti's paralytic mother required her care from an early age, but at the same time, she also managed to become financially independent through a successful career.

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Monica Rastogi

Bangalore (South Zone)

Monika put her skills as a homemaker to use by starting a cooking venture that rescued her family from a pandemic-induced financial crisis.